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Who are we?

We are two technology enthusiasts based in Dublin, Ireland trying to change the way the world learns how to code and using Robotify Vivero we strongly believe we have found a way to achieve this vison.

As featured:

Our Software.

robotify vivero

Robotify Vivero gives anyone the introduction to coding they need. We provide a practical and unique learning experience by allowing users to control robots in Dublin 🇮🇪. Understand the basics better by taking advantage of our graphical programming interface while doing stuff in real life.

So much
Real Life
Control From
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Graphical Programming

Meet the Team.

adam dalton, ceo.

Adam is the co-founder and CEO at Robotify. He drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth as it aims to provide interesting and unique ways to teach children coding. An entrepreneur from an early age, he has over 5 years’ experience in digital marketing, coding and growth strategy. Having launched his career as an entrepreneur teaching kids coding in a classroom setting, he has embarked on the next stage of his mission by spearheading Robotify’s growth into new markets.

Evan darcy, cto.

Evan is the co-founder and CTO at Robotify. He’s at the forefront of Robotify’s vision constantly engineering the product to reach new heights as we try to educate the masses. A self-taught engineering head Evan has overseen the successful launch of our first product Alpha while notably inventing new technologies such as the Robotify Board and much of the software and hardware behind Vivero. Evan is the driving force behind Robotify’s learning innovations.

andrew murphy, chairman.

Andrew is co-founder and Chairman of Robotify. Andrew has spent twenty years working with technology and driving innovation and for the last 13 years within startups that he has either co-founded or invested in. Andrew was a former Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist and has worked on commercialising and scaling a number of technology startups. Andrew is an active Chairman of the Robotify, working with the founding team on product development, commercialisation and investment. Andrew has a degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Smurfit Business School.

90 Minute Crash Course
  • Basic Coding Terminology
  • Electronics
  • Internet of Things
  • Maths
  • Operators
  • Google Blockly

Free Play Time

Use the skills you have learned to have fun yourself.

Robotify Certification

Students receive the top tier Robotify certification.

we accommodate

We have the capacity to tailor the delivery of the above to times that suit. We can accommodate all of your needs.